How Legal is Online Gambling

By | December 1, 2017

Gambling has been a controversial topic for many generations. The internet has presented the industry with a new almost unlimited medium to reach their prospective customers worldwide. Before starting to play in an online casino you should make sure you understand this topic.

The most widely accepted rule about online betting is that you are not allowed to do it unless you are of age. In most places, this means 18 unless specifically mentioned otherwise in your local national or state legislation.

There has been a consistent trend for the limitation and banning of gambling in most parts of the western world. In most places, they have managed to restrict them to very small areas with penalties and strict legislation.

One interesting fact is that the majority of online gamblers and the bulk of the profits come from Americans. However, almost no online casinos are registered in the United States. The US and most European nations give out no licenses for online gambling. One exception is the Indian territories such as the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake where the majority of American-based online gambling sites are hosted in. The rest of the sites are registered in countries like Gibraltar and Antigua where the local government easily gives away gambling roulette

If a site has a legitimate license in a foreign country the US government has no right to stop its citizens from playing on it. This is how online casino operators manage to navigate around the restrictions placed by authorities. Therefore, despite the fact that most national governments consider such sites illegal there is little they can do to stop them.

The new decade has seen a gradual lessening of the restrictions on this type of business. One such event has been the British Gambling Act of 2005 that allows licensed operators from the national government to operate online gambling, lottery, bingo and sport betting sites.